Winter projects Winter projects Needle-felted forest troll Raised by Norwegian immigrant parents, I grew up on stories of trolls. I always liked the single-headed forest trolls better than the multi-headed mountain trolls who'd just as soon eat you as say good morning. Here's my first attempt at needle felting a troll. It was great fun! 197922888 Sheepskin hat When this sheepskin came back from processing, it clearly didn't want to be a rug. Everything about it hollered, "Hat!" So, here it is, a hat. Just the thing for a bald skier? 197922889 Our new mattress, step one We've been due for a new mattress for, well, more years than I care to admit. We wanted one that didn't contain toxic chemicals or flame retardants. I'd read about the benefits of wool-stuffed bedding. Why buy what you have the materials to make? What you see here is the cleaned, washed wool from about twenty sheep. 197922892 Our new mattress, step ten After lying on the floor to sew up the side seams by hand, the last step was to compress the wool by sewing on buttons top and bottom every six inches. The buttons keep the string from ripping the fabric. They lie in dimples deep enough that we don't feel them when we lie on the mattress. It's firmer than I expected--a good thing--and very comfortable! 197922890 Meanwhile, out in the barnyard Cold weather doesn't bother the sheep at all, not even the newborns. Here they are sunning themselves on a zero-degree day. (-17C) 197922891