Summer Pastures Summer Pastures Munch Time A young ram lamb enjoys a variety of greens. 176410565 What's in There? Sheep are curious! 176410564 Portable Battery and Charger Unit A marine battery serves to charge the electric fence. 176410559 Moving the Fence The fence is moved daily, giving the sheep access to fresh pasture every day. 176410560 Moving the Shelter Sheep don't mind snow, cold, or rain, but they don't like heat. The shade shelter doubles as a catch pen for treatments like hoof care and shearing. 176410561 Plugging in the Fence This may be the most important task of the day. 176410563 Shetland Ram Shetlands have beautiful, soft, fine wool. Shetland/Churro crosses have a nice texture, too. 176410566 The Happy Helper He's not a herding dog, but he's good at guarding gaps as I move the fence. By leaving his doggy scent behind, he also helps discourage predators. 176410562 Sheep Transport This is our "farm truck" in which we move the flock, five or six at a time, to and from pasture in spring and fall. 176410567